The captains and the sailors of our family will be glad to lead you to discover our territory with the passion they inherites from Marino Cacciatori, who was not only our grandfather but also a pioneer of tourism in the Delta.
Marino “Caparin” loved this river since after WW2, when he started to offer a ferry-service on the main branch of the river. He inherited his nickname from his grandmother, who sold clams (“cape”). Nowadays, many years later, clams farming would become one of the principal economic sectors of this zone.
During the 70s, the ferry service moved towards the uncontaminated beaches of the river mouth, and Marino began building his fleet. In 1987, he built the motorboat called “Venere”, which is still our flagship. At the same time, his brother Vittorio also became a pioneer and opened “Girodelta”, the first bike and canoe rental of the Delta. Vittorio, who was a naturalistic guide and a captain, introduced a new philosophy to this zone of the Delta: slow physical activity should be the principal instrument to admire the beauties of the Park.
Nowadays Marino’s sons Sandro, Stefano and Simone still control the rudder of the “Venere”. They keep welcoming tourists aboard and spreading their love for their home-place with the help of Vittorio, their mother Graziana and Marino’s grandsons.
The “Caparìn” family will make you enjoy your visit at 360 degrees thanks to a wide range of boats, bikes and kayaks; the zone where the services are available is roughly the area between the Sacca di Goro (south) to the mouth of river Adige (north).
From the motor ships you will admire the beauties of the Po Delta: each one of its branches is worth to be discovered from its start to the Adriatic Sea.
Our flat-bottomed boats were built specifically to navigate where the sea bottom is low and are perfect to enter the narrowest branches of the river and cross its reed labyrinths and lagoons.
Two new boats recently joined our fleet: “El Doge”, a typical Venetian-style boat, which was restored in 2013, and “Maaty”, an ecologic electric boat.
We deeply believe that the Po delta is a place to be visited respecting the environment and through a slow-focused approach. To do so, we also give birth to an innovative and experimental project of a completely electric-propelled boat, which can host until 50 people.
The slow visit of the Po Delta Park finds its maximum expression in the “Bike&Boat” solution, which can be defined the most complete way to visit a territory of land and water through different itineraries, which are planned to completely fulfil visitors’ demands.
Today, our family still try to spread its passion for the Delta among tourists, families, schools and organized groups through a wide range of services:

  • Guided excursions by boat or motorboat
  • guaranteed tours during all the year
  • private excursions
  • motorboats private renting for events, conventions or parties
  • On-board meals
  • Bike&Boat
  • beach trekking
  • walking excursion in nature reserves
  • guided excursions by bike, canoe and kayak
  • bike, canoe and kayak rent