This excursion is the best way to understand how the Po Delta formed and to admire the majesty of the Po, which is known in Italy as “the Great River”. In the final part of its flow, where the river gets to the Adriatic Sea, the waters are calm and slow.
By the upper deck of the ship, you will notice the change from the vast riverside forests and the last flood plains, to the lagoons near the mouth, which are surrounded by reedbeds.
The lighthouse of Punta Maistra, at the end of the river, is the last symbol of human presence before the open sea and stand to protect this unique environment, where the action of the river, the sea and the wind intertwined to create a perfect habitat for the fauna.

Ca’ Tiepolo (Porto Tolle). The boarding deck is behind the Town Hall. Parking: Largo Europa.
44.953245, 12.335739
DURATION About 3 hours
PRICE (PER PERSON) AdultS € 13,00 – Children from 4 to 12 years old – € 8,00 – Children until 4 years old – FREE
NOTE(S) It is possible to change the excursion schedule and the itinerary
according to your needs. Please contact us for more information.