This excursion is as an immersion between the past and the present time of the Delta. The present is represented by the Port of Scardovari and by the Canarin lagoon, two of the most productive zones for clam and mussel cultivation. The past is embodied by the island of Bonelli Levante: many years ago it was a fertile cultivated land, while today only a minor part of the village is still visible through the reeds, as it has been almost completely submerged by the waters.
This is excursion will be the right occasion to sharpen the view to spot turtles and dolphins, as we will sail back along the coast, in front of the beach of Barricata and the beach of Bastimento.

DEPARTURE The boarding deck is next to the bridge which connects the beach of Barricata and the mainland.
44.849343, 12.463957
DURATION About 2 hours
PRICE (PER PERSON) Adults € 15,00 Children until 12 years old – FREE
NOTE(S) It is possible to change the excursion schedule and the itinerary according to your needs. Please contact us for more information.