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Our goal is to make known and loved the Po Delta territory: that’s why we organize boat excursions for schools. Young people are the ones that one day will inherit this land and we want them to learn all the secrets and beauties of it, to preserve it for longer.

Thanks to the natural guides of the Park, experts and with years of experience we organize didactic excursions for every type of school, creating paths between history and nature with visits to Oasis and Museums. For preschools and primary schools we organize teaching laboratories, guided tours and treasure hunts.
The students of the secondary schools can associate the boat trips experiences by canoe or intermodal Bike&Boat or Bike&Kayak itineraries for the exploration of the embankments by bike. A territory suspended between water and land has no better way to explore it than do it by land and river. In this way the students can do an open air physical activity and learn to collaborate, especially when they are riding the kayak.

We can create, together with the teachers, a custom made itinerary or choose the best for you among our proposals. Schools, teachers and parent representatives can contact us for any information.

Boat excursions for groups and schools

The groups that spend one or few days in the nature of the Po Delta Park can choose between various proposals. The itineraries to discover the biosphere can be customized depending on your needs, using small flat back boats, pontoons or comfortable motorships, cycling on the embankments of the river, visiting the Oasis and the Museums of the Park with expert guides and tasting typical dishes in the best restaurants of the territory.

Do not hesitate to contact us for any info.

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