Scano Boa: amongst lagoons and reeds

Amongst the lagoons and reeds of the Delta Park

BOAT TRIP leaving from Pila, for a magical tour of the Po Delta, amongst wet lands, vast lagoons and reed thickets.

Amongst the lagoons and reeds of the Delta Park, the border between land and water, between reclaimed land and transitional waters is ever so fragile.

Navigating the “paradei”, long, thin canals that connect the Po to its saltwater lagoons, we will travel between the Riserva delle Bocche del Po di Pila, the Oasi della Batteria, and the Burcio and Basson Lagoons. Farms that were abandoned in the 50s and the Punta Maistra Lighthouse are the only traces of human activity in what is now unspoilt landscape, just like the last remaining fishing huts constructed of reeds in Scano Boa, the iconic island of the Delta

Duration: 2h30

Departure: Restaurant Canarin, Porto Tolle (RO)
Every Sunday and holidays at 10:30 am and 3:30 pm



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Scano Boa amongst lagoons and reeds

Scano Boa: amongst lagoons and reeds

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